Rob Miller

  1. Nothing is True and Everything is Possible

    Peter Pomerantsev explores the surreal, shapeshifting nature of culture in post-Soviet Russia, and how Putin’s Kremlin has mastered the art of manipulation in its quest to retain power at all costs.
  2. Sapiens

    Yuval Noah Harari charts the development of Homo sapiens: our emergence alongside other species of human; the unique attributes we developed that led to our those other species’ extinction; and what the future might look like, with or without us in it.
  3. 2017: Garak Market, Seoul

    A bustling wholesale market in the centre of Seoul, where everything from apples to dried fish can be found in quantities large enough to feed a city of 26 million.
  4. 2017: Sokcho

    Raw fish, mountain views, and plenty of snow in a region of South Korea that was formerly part of the North.
  5. The North of England Home Service

    Gordon Burn’s 2003 elegy for the industrial north: forgotten glories, forever-changed landscapes, and an overwhelming sense of loss – told through the story of a washed-up club comic and a former boxer.
  6. 2016: Stockholm

    Discovering Sweden’s capital via a walk through three of its most central districts – Norrmalm, Gamla stan, and Södermalm – each with a distinct character and a distinct role in the history of the city.